Virtual Background Awards

The Virtual Background Awards™ 2020 is the world's premier competition for the best artistic and technical merit in Zoom backgrounds.

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    Must be a screenshot of the background in use!
    You must have permission from everyone featured in this photo.

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    About the contest

    Do you prefer your video conferences inside a Star Trek control room? On a beach in Hawaii? Floating in psychedelic fractals? Show off your creativity and talent for Zoom virtual backgrounds and submit to win the VBA. A panelist of remote expert judges will assess nominations based on originality, clarity, and composition. No Zoom defaults, obviously.

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    Examples! Click photos for attribution.

    Deadlines and Eligibility

    Submit a screenshot of yourself or a coworker's Zoom photo. Anyone in the world is eligible to enter. You can't submit yourself more than once.

    Deadline to submit is 11:59 PM (PST) Use our form to send the image.

    The winner of the Virtual Background Award will be contacted and announced on Twitter. A trophy will be sent to them in the mail.

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